[wanted] Miyata, GB4 post or rail adapter!!!!!!!! panic

Ok, so I started a thread like this a while back and got a few different answers, so now I am paniced because people said, order from the factory, order from GB4 direct, order from UDC.
UDC (out of stock)
GB4 (not making anymore) probably why UDC is out of stock
Miyata Factory. Can’t seem to get them to ship to Canada or I can’t get them to understand my chinadian or canadesse.

Does someone not have one of these collecting dust in their basement that I could buy. Can someone with more talent and equipment make one for me.


That sucks I only have one but wanted to buy one more as back up.


I got a kh rail adapter… but im ooking for a 20 ‘’ frame.é… :slight_smile:

Thanks Max, but it won’t fit anyway.

are you looking for a rail adapter or just something to fit a myata seat? Did you know that the torker lx seat is the same as a myata? Get a torker lx seatpost.


Although the gb4 appear to be in stock…

Thanks for the help again, it is a great looking post and evereything and they have stock, but its 25mm not 22.2mm. I will keep up the search.

I have the post that originally went with the saddle. It’s 22.2mm. However, I believe the plate that mounts to the saddle is bent slightly, so it may be weak? It would be completely ridable though.

If I thought you needed it I could have put it into the package along with the saddle, I’m not using it.

Let me know…

Crap Cam, I would have taken the post for sure. I can get someone here to straighten the post and maybe reinforce it if I have to. I just can’t put the seat on anything because I don’t have a post. I will pm you about getting the post here.

BTW, your photographic skills are top notch!!!

Keep your ears open for the Toronto trip Information.