[WANTED] Magura HS Brake

Hi All,

I’m looking for a new/used (slight-medium use) Magura

I’d like an HS 33, but might settle for HS 22 if the price is right
I’d LOVE steel braided hoses

hopefully one of you has a brake you wanna get rid of

PM me w/ offers please


Theres 2 pairs of them on ebay right now.

Heres the nicer looking:

Heres one with aluminum boosters:


pdc had some new ones for sale 16 posts down from this one

$45 seems a little steep for HS 22s

go with ebay, their hs33’s you can always sell the second in the pair, or put it on another uni. Its fairly cheap for 2. Right?


sort of cheap
me and my friend were gunna split the price of 2, but the problem is the second hose needs to be cut down, then rebled, so the LBS would charge about 20 bucks for that…