Wanted: Magura brake part

I broke my magura hs33 :frowning: the part that attaches to the seat post cracked, so if anyone has a spare part around the attachment area, let me no!! haha, i will have to go on a brakeless ride now!

You’re probably going to have to replace the whole handlebar unit if you’re in the UK then here is probably the cheapest you’re going to find.

did you buy from your lbs

Or try eBay I got a new brake lever on ebay for $25 and $5 shipping. If you aren’t in too big of a hurry you can probably get one for less

Unless you do that very very carfully, your going to bleed your brakes.

Check magurausa.com for info on how to bleed it.

Yes you will definitly need to bleed your brake. It’s not that difficult but you will need a bleed kit and fluid. I got the 5wt. Finish Line Shock oil on Amazon and I made my own bleed kit with a marinade injecting syringe and a bit of plastic tubing and a barbed magura fitting. I don’t think the Magura kit is very expensive but I put this together for about $3.50 but I already had the magura fitting from replacing my plastic brake lines.

Repairing Magura

I also did this and was able to uses a hose clamp to attach the break to the post. I don’t have the break anymore to look at, but I believe there is a screw on the inside. I drilled a whole in the hose clamp and put the screw through it to attach it. The clamp held the brake securely.

I found that the cheapest was £30 for the part that i want, turns out i have to get the whole master cylinder. I’m not going to get it because i didnt use the brake that often when it was on but when i get better and start to need it, i will think about buyin the part. So if anyone if interested, i am open to offers for the brake. Obviously the clamp is broken but i will be willing to sell the whole thing. You can pm me or reply to this thread with offers. Or email me on tommygrhcp@gmail.com.