Wanted - Lots of stuff!

first off, A viscount seat. more specificatly, the seat base. I don’t care if it’s new or used, but I want one.

  1. A magura brake. If its less the $60, I want it.

  2. 114 to 125 mm cottorless crank arms.

  3. Koxx biscuit pedals, or the Welgo B 87s.

  4. A right handed reeder handle.

  5. I’d also be interested in a kh moment hub.


Sorry to poke in because I don’t have one but if you didn’t know, the classic saddle on UDC has the same base as the viscount seat and is only 24 dollars. Are you planning to add a KH handle and going for the strong saddle?

im planning to add a reeder handle


That would make sense, considering your post was looking for a reeder :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, and good luck with your build.

thank you.

also, does anyone know if the first to holes drilled on the classic seats like up with the kh handle bolts?

I have 125mm cranks left and right. Black or chrome? you can have them for the cost of shipping. I dont need 'em. Also, you’d probably be better off getting a KH rail adapter and a gel seat from UDC. You can remove the two rear of the 4 front handle bolts from the seat and anchoring the third reeder handle bolt by drilling a hole in the brake pole on the KH rail adapter just as seen below done to the GB4:


oooh thats really cool, and I already have a rail adapter and a kh seat on my muni I could use.

viscount base will be stronger stiffer and last longer though…

how so, they are both metal…

Im still looking for everything but the cranks…

The KH base isn’t metal, but has a stiffener plate. It’s not nearly as strong as the Viscount, but given your size, Miles, I doubt it’d make a difference. But using the bolt-through-brake-extender will probably get in the way of attaching your brake, if you’re putting the brake on the same uni.

FWIW, I have a reeder handle that’s on a spare uni (I don’t want to sell it–sorry), which I liked until I got the DG handle. But beware–it acts a little like a hook on UPDs, and can do a real number on your leg until you’re used to it.

oh. well, I was comparing the viscount to the classic saddle, which both have metal bases.

Id like a deathgrip handle, but Id need a myiata cf base, and then Id want to get a wallis direct connect, which would all end up costing lots of money.

The Viscount base is fairly stong, but not strong enough for long term use with a Reeder or GB4. It will bend, I’ve done it. The rail adapter should work and is quite strong but you will have to drill another hole in your Reeder because there is not a hole in the center as on the GB4.

aren’t magura breaks $175 installed??


Something like that if it were new. Hes obviously looking for used.

Hey miles, I have a viscount base, as long as you arn’t looking for nice vinyl on it, we can work something out… what are the chances you got a luna tire around? I think i remember you only having some clamps up for trade… I wont be able to cover shipping on this one tho :wink: hit me up on aim some time.

  1. A magura brake. If its less the $60, I want it.

  2. A right handed reeder handle.

  3. kh moment hub.

  4. A nokian Gazz. the most ill pay is $40

bumped for awesomeness…

ba dump

Here’s a cheaper model on eBay, ending July 4:

thank you!!!