Wanted: longer DX cranks

hey all. I have an '06 torker DX trials, and i’m looking for some cranks tthat are longer than the ones that come with it.

Anyone have any cranks off of a 24" DX or some of those redline cranks?


The shortest redline cranks are 170mm, that is way too long for a trials uni.

Lol 150mm cranks on a trials would be nuts bro, I tryed that a while back…The Torker crank sizes go from 127 to 150 you want something in the 135-145 range…You could get a new wheelset with a KH or Koxx-one hub and crankset. Kris cranks come in 125, 137, 150, and 165. The Koxx cranks come in 110, 125, 135, 140, 150, and 160. Your best bet for trials is the good ole 140.

145s would be nice.

whatever comes stock on the quax.

THtas what profile uses…

aw hell. it’s almost time i upgraded the GlowintheF-ingdark machine anyways.
I may end up selling the thing soon, so keep your eyes open.