Wanted: (long shot) 36er Frame - 40mm bearings (100mm wide)

I have little idea if the above dimensions even exist or were ever originally made that way, but if someone does have an old frame - say NightRider coterless I’d be interested.

It must have 40mm bearing mounts and the more standard 100mm width.

Not holding out much hope on this option, but decided to put out feelers all the same :pray::crossed_fingers:

All bearings for 36" are 42. I don’t but you can take an Apter that’s the 40mm bearings makes to the , mostly normal, 42 mm bearings.

Why not 42 bearings? That’s make it easy to find a frame in 36" and 100 mm wide. You can take the Steel frame from Qu-Ax for a cheap price but it’s has an rim brake with isn’t the Standard in this time. This was the standard like for 20 years ago but not yet.

It’s due to needing to run a road Schlumpf hub which has 40mm bearings (that need machined bearing holders) - with a hub width of 100mm

There were 36” frames - a version of the NightRider that did have 40mm bearing holders but it may have been also at the 125mm width. Then I think the hunter frame was 40mm / 100mm.

I am probably going to have to use loctite and shims to fit it in my KH 36 frame but posted here in case someone had a frame that would work “natively”.

Annoying the road hub will come in a custom 36” penny farther which does have the right NightRider frame but it is likely too tricky to mod back to unicycle service.

Here’s hoping!

Do coker frames use 40mm bearings?

Yes, my NightRider has the 40mm machined bearing holders, 125mm spacing.

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