WANTED: LEG ARMOR - Leg gaurds

KH, 661 or any type of leg gaurd like that, i cant take the aluminum pedals digging into my legs anymore. Tonight as i was practicing 180 flips i got another injury. I need them quick im leaving for Alberta soon.


any type of leg gaurds, need them badly, leaving soon!

link to these pads?

Ew, go new. I wouldn’t want to put my legs in someones stinky old sweaty pads. Gross!

I recommend either of these:



I use the KH leg armor, its lightweight, comfy and definitely protects your legs.

FYI Darren doesn’t stock the KH leg armor.

i cannot order from unicycle.com is doesnt let me!

Email/call Darren about the 661 pads then, they are both nice.

Definately go for the KH leg armor.

pay the extra money and buy KH you wont be dissapointed. the protection is great they give you the confedence to try new things knowing that if it goes wrong you wont hurt your shins knees or calf. with them you will be able to learn new things alot quicker because if/when it goes wrong you will be able to just get up and try it again.

The sixsixone’s aren’t even close to as nice as the Kh guards. The KH’s are much less bulky. They also have sturdier protection for the front AND back of your legs. The KH armor actually has padding in the back of the guards instead of just fabric like the sixsixones. KH’s are much higher quality. Almost all the straps came off my sixsixones rather quickyl. The KH’s also have protection against tire wear against the inside of the guard as well.