WANTED: Kris Holm Trials (05 or 07)

I will be looking to buy the Kris Holm trials cycle come October 5 of this year. I won’t have the money until then, but I’ll be ready after that day. Anyone interested in selling?

Oh ok, I thought you might have already gotten that one. Thanks for letting me know.

Nope I decided not to. You can get a 07 from Alfred E. bikes(google that) for 375 you know. You have to call them up and ask though. Yep yep no problem.

good info for Alfred E. bikes, thank you :). Joe will likely be getting one within the next month and I may not be too far behind him if I can pull it off.

No problemo.

wats wrong with the 2006 version do they not make them?

IIRC, there were no 2006 models. The 05’s were just had incremental upgrades as the year went on.

Has this been confirmed? I emailed them about it and they quoted $400.

Well I have heard of a couple people doing it. I would say give them a call to make sure that way you know who your talking with. I mean if it is just somebody who they have take care of emails they might not know.