WANTED Kris Holm Pulse Golves

Medium or large. looking around $15, $20. shipping 98027, Issaquah, WA.

red or grey.

either is fine.

Ewww. Used gloves… gross.

Just go to the LBS and find a pair of brand new gloves for that price. They may not be KH, but personaly I think you can find something you like more. There is a big difference between M and L, dont you want your gloves to fit right?

Whats wrong with used gloves? hello, washing machine.

I looked around at my LBS and three sporting goods stores, and NOTHING compared to the awesomeness of the KH pulse gloves, even checked the weightlifting sections.
(That could be because I was very particular about wanting good wrist support, which the KH gloves offer compared to others)

If you can’t find a used pair, don’t settle for less. Save up the money, and get the KH pulse gloves. They are absolutely awesome.

If you want some good info. The kh pulse gloves dontrealy have that much wrist support. I have some and they are either soo tight around the wrist that they hurt or if you have them too loose and they just slide right off, the wrist part does anyway… it doesnt help thayt much. and i would rather have some normal gloves rather thatn the kh gloves. they are HOTTTTT too. they get soo sweaty inside and they are uncomforatable for the first month or soo.

Sorry but, I wrap them tight and they don’t hurt my hands/wrists at all. The times I’ve fallen with them on, I can literally feel the weight and pressure being transferred to other parts of my arm rather than just my wrist. I can, quite literally, feel them working. The gel insert in the palm is nice, too.

and UniDudeDX, when you say “If you want some good info…” and list your opinion, you are implying that my “info,” or opinion, is “bad,” or at least “not good”. This simply is not the case. Both of our experiences, especially with something as straightforward as gloves, is equally correct. Your hands fit the gloves differently than mine.

If you dislike them so much, why not sell them to the bennet?:o

I also must specify that my experience is only with the newer, grey colored gloves, which are said to be of slightly higher quality and modified design.

I apologize for any threadjackiness, I was only trying to share relevant information, remembering the lack of which I found when I was searching for info on them.

I agree I should have put “my opinion” but I didnt think tht far. and I realy dont want to deal with the selling and getting money and such, thats why I wont sell them, I dont feel they work at all and I really dont like the way they fit, so i havent had any experience with the new grey ones either but i have the red ones and I really dont like them, by now my hands are so callased and thich i dont even need gloves…