*!! Wanted Kris Holm Pulse Gloves !!*

i realy want a size small pair of kris holm pulse gloves PLEASE!!!

i expect bums to hit me up for my change at the bus stop but not here. stop making threads to beg for handouts from strangers, and go mooch off your parents like a normal 12 year old.

ok. that was a bit harsh there, mr. radley. I know it’s a bit annoying how she keeps asking for free stuff, but you didn’t need to do that really.

julie, gloves aren’t generally a thing that people sell used. people use the gloves until they’re too ragged to be useful anymore. You’re better off getting them new anyways.

i am so terribally sorry if i was misunderstood but i am not asking for handouts i am asking if anyone wants to sell me some gloves as for the other posts i dont know how to close those and the mooching off parents i buy my own stuff they dont

I think gloves are something that you are going to have to buy new. The likelyhood of someone having the right size of gloves that are the type you want is pretty slim. I suggest you try to buy them new.