WANTED--Kris Holm Gel Saddle

if any ones got a kris holm gel in decent condition i would be greatful.

I have one on the way from: www.bedfordunicycles.ca It’s roughtly 55 USD + shipping.

when you buy something form bedford do u just email them and tell them what you want?

Yeah or you can call. He will tell you the shipping and stuff.
Darren will be gone at NAUCC for a couple weeks so you might have to wait a little bit.

You can get the Gel saddles from Unicycle.com for $39


The Kh fusion Gel saddles Darren was selling don’t have any gel in them, Kris had just changed the foam he was using as part of his 2006 ongoing improvements.


I have one of the nibus gel saddles and it is great. Pretty much no chaffing, and very comfy. It also has a very nice seat cover.