Wanted: koxx double bolt seatpost clamp, US only!

yea, I want one, any color.

pm me or reply here.


I dont have one!!! sorry

please don’t post useless posts in the trading forum. that’s what JC is for.

hes just new and wants to get his post count up :stuck_out_tongue:

why dont you just buy one off udc? i dont think there will be many people with them just lying around but i could be wrong.

UDC in the US doesnt sell them. I guess he could buy one off of municycle.com or something but shipping wouldnt be worth it. And I would be talking blackbike. I am someone who registered a while ago i just changed names.

shipping from MDC is a bit more than I want for a seat clamp, so I thought I’d check if anyone had one here.

If you don’t find one I have a nimbus double bolt clamp for a 25.4 seatpost I would sell for $5 (what I paid) plus shipping it’s new I just dont need it. They only have them for 22.2 at UDC but they used to have both.

Oh yeah, it’s black

sorry, my frame takes a 27.2 seatpost (KH frame).

thanks for the offer though.

just wondering, anyone know of any sturdy 2 bolt seatpost clampts that have rounded edges?

The Onza clamp on UDC looks pretty much identical to the nimbus and it is for a 27.2 also $5 and you could paint over where it says Onza or use a black marker. The KH 04 clamp looks good and it’s $8.

would this fit my KH frame then?

i dont think so - i think thats for the old black frames.

email udc and ask if they have the new kh clamps.

I don’t think so either, I have one in my garage. I think it used to be Evans’ and I think I tried to put it on my KH muni frame and it was too small. I can check for you tomorrow. I think you should get a salsa QR.

Renegadejuggling.com has them. I would email UDC and see if you can get one of the 2k7 KH clamps.

thx alot, I completely forgot to check there.

Spencer- I had a QR clamp for a bit and I didn’tlike it. I’m going to get a double bolt one.

Why not the new KH clamb? It is the same than the koxx.

yeah, I was going to say exactly what Lutz is saying. The new KH doubleclamp is just an industry standard doubleclamp with a KH sig over it instead of a K1.

Seeing as you live in America, I’m sure there’s PLENTY of BMX double clamp options out there. All you need is to search for 31.8mm sized clamps.

oh, it’s 31.8.

renegade doesn’t seem to have the koxx clamps :thinking:

oh, it’s 31.8.

renegade doesn’t seem to have the koxx clamps :thinking:

That 04 KH clamp says it’s 31.8mm I would check with UDC or email Kris to make sure it fits.