[wanted] koxx blueberry saddle

I’m looking for a koxx blueberry saddle or the white widdow. If you have one name your price and post some pictures.

you find me an KH fusion airsaddle in the UK and i’ll send you mine :smiley:

uhm wouldnt you better of at division8.ca and asking cause i doubt anyone in the US will sell you theirs since koxx1 stuff seems hard to get… and although the koxx1 saddle is very nice, the KH fusion street would probably easier for you to get and pretty much as good… i mean i only tried one for a few minutes but it was quite nice…

The bottom half of this page is all Koxx saddles.

they have a bunch of other really nice seats.

Try Tim Williamson at http://www.trialsinusa.com
He sells Koxx in the U.S. & can probably get anything they make.

I don’t think you will find one in North America until early next year…
I know that time doesn’t have any in stock, and we’re also sold out on both… The only camo saddles we still have in stock are the Army Camo Orange Buds… We’ll be restocking in a couple weeks…

Will at Division8 .ca