[WANTED] Koxx 1 broken seats.

yeah, If you have any broken koxx one seats, I want them.

I want any of the ones that aren’t gel.

I really only want the foam though, but if you don’t want to take apart the seat it’s fine.


also, I’m in San Diego, California.

hmmmm good idea, I should ask for gel ones lol

that is a real nice idea, cause the koxx foam are real nice. I definately prefer it to the KH street fusion or the qu-ax street.


I might consider paying overseas shipping…

sorry man, I need mine for some carbon fiber :roll_eyes:

Whats the main difference between the Koxx foam and the KH street? My Koxx seat is totaly broken, so I have a fusion street on the way. Am I realy gonna notice a difference in the foam?
I was gonna make myself a crbon fiber seat relativly soon, but maybe if you got something to trade for the foam I can hold out on it. Whats it worth to you? Or were you just shootin for freebies?