WANTED: Kinport or Reeder

Looking for a kinport or reeder. Who’s selling?


what hand do you hold the seat with? i have a left handed reeder handle i might sell for about $15(american)

Right-handed. Thanks anyway.


David, or anyone else…

I have one new RH Reeder handle on hand. It was made prior to the latest welding fixture, so consequently the geometry could be slightly different from the current version. Hence, I wasn’t comfortable retailing it through UDC. The functionality is certainly the same.

I’d do $20 + shipping. Pics attached.

another pic:


Deal closed.


cool,now lock your thread :wink:

I was looking but I couldn’t figure out how to do it, haha.


lower right hand corner Admin Options.

its cool that we can in this forum, i wish we could in all threads.

Thank you. I had to re-open it to post this, haha. Can you only close your own threads. I’ll leave it open for another reply, ha.