[Wanted] Kinport handle

Yeah does anyone want to sell a kinport handle? I would really like one… Please? I dont care if its open or closed handle but preferably an open one.

Can you buy them on the internet new?

as far as I am aware… they are no longer in cirrculation . It is the only handle that I like as well. Id gladly pay 20USD for a used one. Hope there are still a few unwanted ones floating around for us!



Bedford has them.

Not anymore my friend bought the last one as far as i know…

Steal it from him and say bedford got some new ones and you bought one, duh:p

Three of my friends got one each make that four. And im sure that they would notice if i took one. So does anyone want to sell me one?

Darren told me that he isn’t selling them now.

I like the handle but it has a problem at the 90degree part between the piece the bolts go and the part that goes on the inside lip on the front of the seat. They seem to snap there. My first one snapped there in 2 weeks and I got a new one and I was trying a flatland Xavier style trick and I had to put weight on the handle and it flexed way too much so now if I do anything like that again it will be gone. I can feel a little ridge on the bottom that will just snap if I push down hard enough. I don’t want a new handle again so I am going to try to not mess it up more. Someone needs to make a really cool plastic handle that doesn’t snap.

I think you should talk to evan about him making you a metal kinport.

We have talked about it before. We thought it would be a good idea to just make one kind of like the kinport but stronger in that one spot where it always cracks.

wouldnt that hurt your hand if it got scratched?