[WANTED] kh trials frame

Pics and prices please. My frame is bent and I am a musician. Shipping to 28742, NC.

you can buy mine. i’ll sell it to you for 100$(its an 07 model). It’s in great condition, the only thing wrong with it is that the neck is snapped off entirely, otherwise its great:p

Funny guy eh?.. :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Yeah thats coming from someone called Probailer.

Don’t forget the 2…

Peter M

Sell you a brand new Orange Bud frame. Never even been attatched to a wheel or anything. Just sitting in my garage…lookin good

why do we need to know that you are a musician?


musician = no money?


I thought that was a world-wide common since type of thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

till cribs came out on MTV a few years back (hehe)
sorry, i have nothing good to provide this thread cept hopefully a laugh or 2…

Unfortunately, the people of this thread coughProbailer2cough do not appreciate humor.

Oh please, I have nothing against some good jokes.
But not say you have a perfect good KH frame and then say at the end “except for the neck thats broken”.
I don’t think that’s so funny.

Peter M

Well i apologize that you find my humor distasteful. In the future i shall make a better attempt to fit your needs.

Last thing I will ad to this.
I don’t find your humor bad, but it’s just that you did gave the guy hope he founded a KH frame.
But then at the end you say that only the neck is broken off.
The guy is looking for a frame, so please lets only answer when you got one for him or you know where to get one cheap or anything like that.

Sorry for the thread jacking Michea.

Peter M