Wanted!!! KH/ONZA 150's

Greetings ya’ll
Never posted before but I figure it’s worth a shot.
I have a set of KH/Onza 165’s on my KH24 and I am really looking for a pair of
150’s to buy/trade for my 165’s.
If you have a set laying around shoot me a PM. If you are looking for 165’s even better.
I can assure you that I am honest in my intentions. I really just want a little shorter cranks and if I can help someone else out with a trade. Cool

Thanks, Ryan

i got a set of 155 i could sell u. i dont know what kinda shape they r in cause my hub is all f-----.

PM sent.

KH/onzas don’t come in 155mm.

That’s what I thought.
but then I have a set of 137’s on my trials, and they technically don’t have those for sale either, they only have 127’s and 140’s. So I figured it would be worth the investigation.

Do you have the KH moment cranks on your trials? because those do come in 137.

No, I have the KH/Onza 2005 for my trials and Muni