WANTED: KH 20'' trials! Can be from year 03-07!

Looking for a kh trials unicycle, good condition, slightly newer model!

brand new
$371.50 w/ shipping to my house.

that is a seriously good price from aebikes.

a DX from a bike shop over here is like 550$, or about 450$ US dollars.

wow … its steeper from bikeshops here too
i guess $350 or so is average
but below MSRP

USD of course.

where do i find unicycles on that site? i only see the kh 29’’

The trials and 24" KHs are out of stock there, thats why you only see the 29"

well then does anyone have a Kh20 in good shape for sale:)

i have an 06 with o7 rim ill sell for 300 you pay ship

any pics, you have been pmed!

AEBikes has them back in stock.

what since when, lol, i checked this morning and they didnt.

yay i think i might order one:D lol gotta get my scooter first!

Wait, WHAT?! You are going to purchase a scooter before a KH unicycle?

yea i ride GOPEDS to:D have been for the past 2 years!

Unicycling should be number #1!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I used to ride a goped. Its amazing how expensive things for that are.

AMEN!!!Scooters to unicycles? :thinking: :astonished:
KH’s are the number 1 unicycle out there, you should get your hands on his, before some other lucky person does.

hes crazy

Gopeds sounds like something a turtle does whilst eating.