[WANTED] KH 20" Frame

I am looking for someone im australia who is selling a kh 20" frame with a seatpost and if possible a clamp.

Where abouts in australia are you?

hey man sorry but i sold one here 2 days ago to a guy in sydney.

Where abouts in oz are you?


im from upwey in victoria, about an hour from the city.

yeah i know where upway is. i have some friends who live there.

i am in box hill and keven (mawesome) is in mooroolbark. also luke (president_luke) is in frankston.

You should come for a ride with us one day.


I would come for a ride but u mould make me look real bad :slight_smile: .
I only been riding for about a year, and i had a period in the middle were i didnt ride for like 4 months. Im getting back into it now though.
I still got my no name taiwanese learning unicycle. But ive got Jim C’s on it and a KH street gel fusion saddle.
My 15th B’day’s in 2 days so im getting cash from my bro, mum and dad, and my grandma. So im gonna be upgrading my uni woth good 2nd hand stuff.

Annnnyway, wat style do u guys ride and how good are u all?, cos i dont wanna feel like a moron trying to ride with you guys is your like pro :slight_smile: .
And my msn is Blake_Langdon@hotmail.com

and also, do u have any good second hand stuff?
im looking for a rim, frame and maby a hub/crankset.

we do mainly street stuff with a bit of trials too. if you want you can check out a recent vid in the video forums. its called skateparkfest '06.

there are a whole bunch of unicyclists who meet at the melbourne museum on the last sunday of every month at 2pm. you should check it out. lots of different styles and skill levels.

what kind of rim/tire is on your learner-uni? is it a fat trials one or just a regular one?

definately look at upgrading your wheelset first (hub/cranks and rim). unfortunately you may need a new frame to accomodate the new wheel and a new seatpost for the new frame. the seat and pedals are all good though!

when you know how much you are willing to spend talk to the people at udc australia about the best stuff to get.


im getting a dx32 rim off mawesome, and im also getting a maxxis cc soon. if it doesnt fit on my frame then i guess ill have to get a new frame 2 :astonished: . that will just leave the hub/cranks then.

awesome. on a budget i would be looking at a nimbus 2 frame and a qu-ax hub/crankset. talk to the peeps at unicycle.au.com about both of those things cos chances are your old frame wont fit.

Im sure i will see you around some time soon.



yer i will need to get a frame soon but if i get the nimbus 2 i will also need a new seatpost and clamp. but if i dont get the frame i wont be able to put the rim and cc on. the qu-ax hub will probly be a long way off cos 250 is a lot for a 14 year old with no job and $10 a week pocket money.

so thats
30 for rim
30-40 for wheel building
60 for frame
20 for post
10 for clamp
20 for spokes

about 170 all up :frowning:

You don’t wanna get a qu-ax hub if you’re buying my rim. You can’t fit a 48 spoke hub to a 36 spoke hole with the spokes I’ve got. You could get the wheel built by a pro, but it wouldn’t be as strong.

If I had enough money, I’d get one of these hubs with these cranks.

All together (not including posting) it costs about $120 or $185 if you get the Kh cranks. Posting shouldn’t cost that much.

omg max, ur so pro, i like cant do anything in that vid.
how long u been riding anyway?

would it be better for me to get the nimbus trials?
cos the exact frame, seat post, hub, tyre and cranks im looking for are all on the nimbus trials.
is it a good uni?
I might try and do a deal with UDC and get it without the pedals and seat.

aaaw shucks.

i have been riding street/trials for about 2 years i think. only seriously for about 1 year.

you would be way better off riding your crappy uni for a bit longer and saving for a splined hub/crankset. i can guarentee that you will bend the cranks and possibly the hub on the nimbus uni. i went through 4 or 5 cranks and 2 hubs before i realised that i was wasting my money and that splined was the only way to go.

If you get the udc hub now and break it (which you will if you do any trials or street stuff) then you will have to pay for a new wheelbuild when you get your new one.

Hey man xmas isnt too far away, ask your parents for uni stuff. otherwise if you get any christmas money thats what you could spend it on.


I agree with max, you should just wait until you can get something splined. You can still do all the same tricks on your current uni, just not from heights. Btw what tire are you using?

You should come to one of the meets that are on at the last sunday of every moth at the melbourne museum, there’s people of all skill level and its all pretty relaxed.

i got a slick animal asm tyre at the moment