Wanted: KH 20" (Australia)

I’m looking for a Kris Holms 20". Scratched up is ok, bent bits are not. Cut seatopost ok, but long is better.

I’d also consider a 29" or 24" at the right price.

I’m in Melbourne, Australia, but will consider paying shipping from overseas.

Photos will be much appreciated. PM or email me via my profile.


Kh 24"

Here’s a cheap KH 24" near Sydney -

Thanks for that, and I’ve already pm’ed Andrew. Actually, I’ve already gone through the whole Market Place, and PM’ed all who may still have theirs for sale.

The pupose of this thread was hopefully hear from someone who has only recently decided to sell, but has not yet posted here.

If thats you, let me know! I’m a keen bean.

KH uni found! Cool.

nice, congratulations. i was going to post here before, but i had no helpful information :slight_smile: