[WANTED]- K1 drilled rim, or Jim C Oddessy Pedals, or Try All tire- CANADA OR USA

The title pretty much explains it…

a) I am looking for a K1 drilled rim in any color (19 inch rim)

b) I am looking for a pair of Jim C Oddessey Pedals

c) I am looking for a Try All Sticky (20" by 2.5)

All products in Canada or USA



hey, have you tried www.Divsion8.ca they are the candian distrubter for Koxx-1. they have all that stuff (except the pedals) for really cheap!



umm…how do you order from them…cuz if you follow the link it just brings u to a site where it says under construction and it lists an email adress and links to other sites like try all and stuff…I sent them an email asking about it but I dont know if they will respond…and also do they have all the stuff like rim, shorts, t-shirts, and tires???

They have everything, it normaly takes them a few hours to respond, I usualy get responses from them within a day or so at the most, but you never know it might take a bit for them depending on their work load.