[Wanted] intermediate trials unicycle

im looking for a intermediate trials uni. It should be reletively new. Standard 2.5 inch wide, 20 inch wheel. Thx alot guys


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no one has a trials 4 sale? :thinking:

I might be selling my trials wheel soon. I was planning on selling just the hub and cranks but if you want to pay more you can buy the whole wheel. Its an 03 KH with 140mm cranks and an alex dx30 rim, the left crank is really scratched up from grinding and bent inwards a little bit but i cant notice at all. The nub on the left crank is smushed in so the bolt wont come out and it needs locktight or something because it always unscrews by itself. I can post pics if you are interested at all. How much are you willing to spend?

Oh ya, it doesnt come with a new tire but if you want it i can give you my old luna thats almost completely dull. :slight_smile:

i have a almost new kh 20" trials uni for sale. $325