WANTED: Inexpensive Trials Uni

In a couple weeks I am going to be in the market for a trials unicycle, and I was thinking about the $169 Nimbus on Unicycle.com, but I now think it would be better if i could pick up a cheaper used one becaus eI am not that hard on my equiptment…yet.

I want something with a good saddle, in working condition, and somewhat strong. I hope I can get this for under $100, but if its in good condition I can go up a bit.


Qu-ax splined 20" Muni??? www.municycle.com only a bit more than the nimbus trials. you may not be hard now ut what about when you get a trials uni, your going to start pushing your limits a bit more, as soon as i ditched my suzue hub and twisted cranks for a KH setup ive strted hopping off higher things. and its the sae when i went from using a freestyle uni for trials to an actual trials wheelset

No offense, but I would prefer to buy froma U.S. dealer or seller.

nimbus is made where?

No offense, but I would prefer to buy from a U.S. DEALER OR SELLER .

I dont care where its made, I can order it from the U.S. branch of Uncycle.com, so they are a U.S. DEALER OR SELLER

Re: WANTED: Inexpensive Trials Uni

Haha, you won’t get anything very strong for < $100. Too bad you weren’t looking about a year ago, they had Summit Trials for about 240 dollars. You can still find those on ebay sometimes, though. Look around there for a Summit, a KH20, or something like that.

Thats alright I think I will end up with the Nimbus anyway.