[WANTED] inexpensive begginer uni for CHEAP

not for me personally, but my friend wants to get into unicycling for really cheap without buying a $100 LX or a brand new trainer. we live in the midwest, cant do pick up (unless in chicago), and are looking for a 20’ used trainer under $50 or $60. we live in a chicago land area and he should be able to buy within 1 or two months or less (i donno his condition on cash). Thanks.

brand new sun for $65, but seriously, just save up the extra cash for an lx. it is a much better unicycle.

he doesnt really knows if hes gonna like it or not, so he just wants a crappy trainer. im just goin by what he said.

I could sell you my torker CX… but i think he should buy that $65 sun :smiley:

how much would u charge for the CX, w/ shipping to chicago?

theres some good beginner uni’s on ebay which go for like $30. I got one and there great for beginners.

Umm… I dunno :frowning:

You should do what brendonv said, $30 is a good deal

they may be 30, but then the sellers go crazy w/ the shipping, and the unicycle becomes $60

Oh… Well, I dont know how much it would be to send my uni to wherever you live. Do u have any ideas?

give google a search, that would have to be your last resort for a cheap uni.