wanted if possible: miyata bumpers at moab.

I’d like a miyata handle and bumpers, if anyone who’s going to moab has any they’d like to sell.


Happy 5000th postage!

I would seriously just get a KH street seat for the uni

this isn’t really for the uni. I’ve got a miyata that i’m pieceing together.

I probably will get the street seat anyways.
I’ve just fixed the rips with gorilla tape for now, and that’ll do for a while.

I used hot glue and inserted it when it first started to rip about a year ago. It worked very well.


I have a GB4 seat stiffener plate you can have if you can use it. UDC sent it by mistake, and told me to keep it. May as well share the wealth. :slight_smile:

If Matt doesn’t want it, I’ll have it a Moab for anyone else.

i may take that.

I’ll be the guy wearing a lime green bandanna half the time.

OK, it’s all packed. See you there. I’ll be the one with a unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue: