Wanted : Grind Plates

i was just wondering if someone in Victoria (Australia) has any spare grind plates they are willing to sell. I know you can get them form danscomp.com but i really can’t be bothered shipping them over.

as far as i know no, sorry.

If you dont wanna pay the insane $40 for shipping, then i sugest you make your own cos they only two in victoria belong to luke and i and we both use them.
we were riding the other day and a BMXer was telling us about some guy who made grindplates out of those white plastic chopping boards. luke then went and made one but it still uses the danscomp plate’s attaching bolts and stuff. he hasnt tested it yet so im not sure it it will work well or not. if it works im sure he would make one for you.

otherwise just take the pins out of your metals or use plastics. or make one out of metal.



I havn’t tested my chopping board plate mainly because i’ve been using plasitc pedals, but i’m sure they would work really well because they are plastic like plastic pedals.

I’ve only made the plate bit so i would have to make the brace plate (the bit that holds them onto the pedal) and buy some nuts and bolts aswell. Once i figure out how much bolts and chopping boards cost i should be able to sell you (or anyone else thats inderested) some at the next melbourne meet for about 5 to 10 dollars.



that sounds alright!

Otherwise… Andrian, i think a few people are looking at gettin them. If the one’s from danscomp would fit the aluminiun DX pe’dals on UDC australia, i would get a set probably, same with chris and i’m sure we could find some other people ot share shipping with.

Does anyone know if they do fit the DX pedals?

If not, do you think you could take yours to the next meet, Max, to try it on the DX pedals?


you may be able to modify them to fit the dx pedals.

i will bring mine to the next meet to see.


If they do fit, we’ll have to find out who wants some so we can get them all at the same time.


i want some

cheers guys, i’ll do that.


If I were u just get some 2mm steel and a hacksaw and make your own, they’ll be much stronbger thgan chopping boards. I have been using my ones for over a year now and they are great! :smiley:

I cut out a template for some in sheet metal but i haven’t got around to bending them around and screwing them in (i’ve got bmx pedals). Haven’t got my hands on choppings boards yet. How did yours turn out Ed?

I’ve also made some chopping board material plates, and they seem to slide really well… but seeming as i can’t really grind yet, i’ve barely tested them at all. If the stock DX pedals are wellgos with removeable pedals, i’ve drilled mine to fit as well… they seem to work for me.