Wanted: grind plates & death grip

does anyone know where to get grind plates and a right handed death grip handle. (for a reasonable price) please post a link or something.

I don’t think you’re going to get lucky, I can’t imagine anybody parting with a deathgrip handle, especially not for a reasonable price.

well, do you know where to buy one in the first place i tried unicycle.com and they didn’t have them.

I can’t help you with the deathgrip handle. I have one but the price went up about $100.00 after I rode with it. you would have to pry it out of my dead fingers to get it. (hence the name). I can help with the grind plates though.

Go to your local department store and buy a teflon cutting board.
Lay your pedal on top of it and trace it out.
Use a cheap coping saw from the hardware store to cut it out.
If your lucky, the hardeware store will have all the items you need.
Line up the holes for your pins and drill the plates so that you can use screws the same thread as the pins and screw them on.
Make sure you countersink the screws.
Probably saved you $40.00

right handed D-grip - $65 from scott wallis.

kommando grind plate - $10 from danscomp.com

Yeah, but you will get a ton of torque from a deathgrip, so I suggest also getting at least a steel re-enforcer, which isn’t made with the pattern of the blot holes on a deathgrip, so you would have to make your own, or go through countless plastic bases, or get a CF base.

+1, although you dont have to use the SW derail base if you dont mind drilling a UDC one. Also bear in mind that deathgrips aren’t unbreakable, there’s a snapped one sitting on my desk right now.

don’t they have a thing so that you can get a new one free?

wats a death grip can some one post a pic of one

here ya go:

i read this thread earlier
and could NOT figure out what a deatgrip was, but now i know its just a CF handle :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that thing looks crazy… ive never seen one before. i guess they’re really good? but for what kind of riding?

All kinds, except maybe distance. Youd want a longer one for those rides.

Yes, Scott apparently replaced the handle without question, but it’s still hassle, especially waiting for ship from the US. I think the warranty is meant to be a year or two, and I’m not sure if he continues this to the new owner if the handle was sold on within that time.

te deathgrips are awesome for muni, trials, distancy muni, and cross country. I don’t like them for street because they aren’t simetrical/

Maybe because you can’t do street???

I call 180s down 5 sets and 7 and 8 stair gaps street…