[Wanted] Frame - Nimbus II (or similiar) for trials wheel.

Hey there everyone, I’m in the need of a Nimbus II or similarly styled frame for my trials uni. Preferably it would fit a 25.4mm seatpost but if you are also willing to part with a seatpost which fits the frame then that would be cool too. Thanks for your time!

just get a new one for nimbus 2 frame for 40buck… or go fancy and get a devil frame for 80 and get a kh seatpsost and clamp…

I’m just trying to save money, I put in a pretty expensive order to UDC last week.

Oh I see I might have a dx frame for sale in a couple months depending if you don’t get one sooner than that.

Thanks, though like I said in the first post I’m looking for a Nimbus II styled frame. I’ll pass on the DX frame for several reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know just wanted to make sure. Good call though.

Anyone out there have one of these?

A bedford frame would work as well.

I have a chrome Nimbus II frame that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of. I also have a 20" Kris Holm Cro-mo. Let me know if you are still looking for a Frame.

I’m interested. PM sent.

I will have an Alex Dx32 rim, K1 cranks and hub (reinforced 140s) and a luna tire for sale once I get my parts from beener. So if you are interested then pm me. Although it will not be laced.