(wanted) For people not to get screwed

Don’t buy anything off this forum from Joseppi. He is a lier and a cheat. He takes peoples money and laughs his ass off.

what did you buy off him

(sue if its valuable)

Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully it gets worked out!

Wow that is shit man. Was he on the forums for long? See if Gilby has any information on him.
Sorry to hear. How much did you loose? We could all send you a dollar? L’edOL

You would have his bank details or at least address or something if you sent him the money, take it to the police.

Thanks for the handle. I am Sorry

Sorry everyone, apparently shipping to Kingston Ontario from the States takes 1 1/2 months. The handle arrived today and I will be sending some other funds to cover the extra shipping. Once again, sorry. BUT next time, make sure you just get back to a dude and tell him that you are sending the thing. It would avoid any further confusion.

do you still want my dollar :slight_smile:

What a relief!

Ill take your dollar.

you should be less quick to jump to conclusions especially when it comes to the accusations you were calling out. Joseph is one of my teammates and an honest guy.

You should probably edit your original post stating that it was a misunderstanding too…

You can only edit posts 10 minutes after initially posting them. I wouldn’t say he was quick to jump, from what he says he waited one and a half months and Joseph never contact him to say that he sent the item.

Yeah, seriously.

When I order something, if it hasn’t gotten here within almost 2 months, im gonna be very suspicious about it. I need some reassurance, something telling me that it was sent, maybe give it a tracking number, or at least reply when asking if the item was sent yet.

Ive had items shipped over seas and it didn’t take near that long.

Jerrick, with your avatar Ivanized it looks like a brain.

HAha, never looked at it that way, but it kinda does. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey to everyone,
I know it was pretty shitty that I didn’t contact him about the handle; and don’t worry I’m not trying to make excuses about it. I just get a little absentminded sometimes when it comes to online communications, and for that I apologize. I might have been more on-the-ball about it had it not been for the terribly hectic summer I’ve been having. Were it not for that, I’m sure I would have been quicker; but consequently, online tasks didn’t rank at the top of my to-do list. I don’t mean to make excuses, so don’t take it as that. Just understand that I’m sincerely sorry for being such an asshole.


I forgive you lol

Actually, I contacted him to tell him that I received his money and that I would be sending the item now. I figured that’s all it would take. He replied by saying that was fine, and thanked me. I figured that was it for the transaction. If I had been contacted further, I’d have responded.

Thanks for clearing it all up! :slight_smile: