Wanted: Extreme uni pictures

I’m going to be starting a business selling street wear for extreme unicyclists. I want to draw attention to this side of unicycling and away from the current clown perception a good portion of the population has. I need pictures and permission to post your pictures to put on my website. I offer nothing but web fame. I’ll either have a special thanks page or list your name in a caption on the picture. If you are interested please send your pictures to uni_cycho@yahoo.com along with a short letter giving permission to post your picture. Also include if you want to remain annonomous, wish a caption and/or a listing in special thanks.

Cool, I’m glad more people are starting to do stuff like that.

I’ll send you some pictures. In fact, I’ll probably get some new pictures taken tommorow/wednsday.

ill take a pic of me doing a 360 unispin and send it to you

Thanks for pledging your help guys.

ill try and get some good pics of some cool tricks

I like the idea! I’ll let someone else get the pics :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with it,


how will we know it’s not only a 180?

How do we know anything over the internet.

I trust him, I think you have trust issues.
bye bye

how will we know it’s not only a 180?

How do we know he really wants to know if it’s really a 180 or a 360?



Just a follow up. I’ve gotten one pic by email and one person said I can have anything in their gallery, so if you looked at how many views the thread has had and figured I had enough pics, don’t let that stop you I still need plenty! I’m looking for pictures that really have a wow value so that a non uni rider that stumbles across the site will be interested immediately and may get into the sport. Muni pics going down very steep grades, trials on crazy boulders, big air trials and street ect. Thanks for your help everyone. My first shirt will be coming soon.

hey, maybe people don’t want to let you make money off of their skills, thier effort and their pictures, but maybe thats just me…

or i could be getting you wrong… unicyclingpics.co.uk is awesome…is that what you are trying to do?
seriously, if you are going to make money, come up with your own designs and pictures, don’t deal with other people’s stuff, it is really unethical…

Read the original thread Skrobo. I’m not selling pics or advertising. I’m starting a streetwear company and eventually I’ll sell all the things that street trials and Muni riders need. I’m doing this because no one has. Unicycle.com is a great site but has lame shirts. Bedford looks like a great company but has a crappy website. I’m filling the void and am asking for help in doing this to provide a service to this particular niche of unicycling. The pics will be on the site so that others who haven’t seen this side of unicycling may develop an interest in it. All my shirt designs will be my own. I’m not stealing anything from anyone. They will not contain the pictures I’m asking for here.

awesome this is gonna be cool…
i dont have many good pics but when i get some good ones ill send them!!


i might be able to get you some.

i did read it, it sounded like you wanted to make shirts off of people’s designs, if you are going to make a website promoting unicycling, cool. If you are going to make shirts, even cooler, you just weren’t very clear in your original message, or i was really out of it, it could go either way.

Well I’m sorry if I wasn’t as concise in my post about my intent, but I’m glad you posted your concern so that if others were unsure about what I was asking, it could be cleared up.

I hope i get to take some pictures soon :smiley:

I’ll send you some when i’ve gone out and took some.