Wanted: Donations for a club - Any unwated unicycles.

Hi, me and a few others have decided to start a small club for people to learn to unicycle. We are hoping this to grow with more members. We will be trying this out for one week with just a few children who are hoping to learn. However the only problem is unicycles, we have a few, but mainly trials which would not be suitable for learning.

So we were hoping that if anyone has any old unicycles they dont need anymore, preferably 20" or below, we would be extremely grateful if you could donate them, just to start this club up.

We will be happy to pay for postage or collect if in the UK.

We will be posting later this year to let you know how its getting on.

…and hopefully it will be a success!


Also, if there’s any extra information, my email is: galvin.ben@googlemail.com