WANTED: Disc brake 29" Uni

Wanted 29" disc brake Uni, preferably KH, but anything really. Aus unicycle.com has no stock till October!

@Gockie is a great source of unicycles ! Btw, I still have one that needs to be returned.

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I’ve got a KH Schlumpf (early model) 29er I would like to sell. It doesn’t have a brake but it has attachments for a rim brake. (You might be able to use a d’brake on it but I don’t know for sure if it’s recommended). While I like the idea of gearing (particularly on a ride I did today, 35km of fairly flat bike paths), the hub has some free play which scares me. $1500.

You can buy one of the more basic Nimbus 29ers and fit your own brake onto it. They now all take internal (hub mounted) disc brakes. I’ve got both the road and muni model and to be honest, the road one is my general “go to”, I guess it’s the one I trust the most for a good longer ride and it has never let me down. The only thing is because I have the disc on the outside (crank mounted) on this road uni (it’s an older version, not the current model), the disc got bent travelling to Unicon so right at the moment it is brake-less. Of course, no guarantees if it was hub mounted that the disc wouldn’t have bent either in travels… but I will never know.

If you want to contact me to try riding any of these, go right ahead. :slight_smile:


Bent a lot, can’t straightened ? Small bends are easily reduced using a disk tool (or just a large shifter like I do).

As mentioned, I still have your Aldi unicycle to return one day.

Ahhh. I thought you were trying to return something to Unicycle.com :slight_smile:

Ok, sure, maybe a niece or nephew could try it.

As to my disc, it’s bent. Maybe just easier to get a new disc. So for yesterday’s ride, I just relied on leg control to get down the slopes. All manageable. But a brake would have been better for my peace of mind.

Thanks for he reply, although I already have a nimbus which I put a bmx “u” brake.

I’m really after a disc equiped uni.

Did you know you can add a hub mounted disc to the $665 nimbus muni sold by Municycle.com.au?

I have a used rotor which you can have, I’ll try and find it for you.

Im currently selling a Nimbus oracle frame i built up. it has everything needed for a disc brake setup except the disc brake itself!

-KH Fusion one saddle ( i have an impact saddle if you’d prefer)
-Impact ISIS Eiffel Tower cranks 140mm
-Nimbus Dominator2 rim with Nimbus disc hub 125mm spacing
-Ground control T5 tire

Everything component has a maximum of a couple hours use except the saddle, pedals and the wheel (tire is new)
Also not shown in the picture is a Kris Holm brake handle mount. it costs me $1000 to build so Im looking to get $500CAD and you would have to cover shipping costs

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