wanted cranks

hey i was woundering if anney 1 has a pair of spair cranks laying around if so and u want to get rid of them let me no thx tim

you might wanna tell the people this:

your location

what type of cranks

crank length

where you live

what your budget is.

it’ll help you out in the long run

ya ok thx :slight_smile:

umm i live in nova scotia canada
now is where the problem is im cinada new to unicycling so i dount no what cind they are so hmm il post a pic of them i gess

my budget is whel i dount want anneything thats really good u no just a spair pair laying around … tim

uhh that’s a regular cotterless crank arm. just go around to your local bike store they will have it for like 10 bucks… or talk to darren bedford of bedfordunicycles.ca no point in getting one from here and paying for shipping.

thx man :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had cranks like that… but I broke them prity quickly:(