wanted: crank shorteners

Not uni really, but I thought I would give it a try. I’m looking for a pair of crank shorteners for my tandem so that my 7 year old can ride stoker.

I thought maybe someone got a pair for a uni and ended up not using them.

Pm with the model and price.



crank shorteners

I have a pair for 1/2"x20 thread schwinn cranks for exactly the same reason. My 7 yr old is 25 now, would these fit?

picture worth a thousand words

Ok check e’m out!


Thanks for the photo. Can’t say I ever saw a set of those before.

Hmm. Those may work. What is the center to center measurement? I too haven’t seen the Schwinn ones before.

CL to CL

Not really Schwinn, just fit them, called Darwin pedal adjusters from the fifties or older. The centerline distance is 1 1/2" These are bolted for 1/2x20 pedal threads. What brand bike would they go on and what distance do you need? Crank/ pedal threads match up. These do not look too hard to duplicate in different sizes, or thread.

9/16 would be best, but I could make half inch work. I’m putting them on Sugino tandem triple crankset. My son has short legs so for now I think we would need a 3 inch reduction give or take. So, I don’t think yours will be quite short enough yet.

I like the Tandemseast or the Ride2 shorteners, but I was hoping to find something that wasn’t over a hundred/pair.