Wanted: Complete Coker or Airfoil Rim/Wheelset - US

I’m looking for an airfoil rim, airfoil wheelset or an entire coker with an airfoil rim in the US. Preferably the rim would be of the older proper sized batch rather than the new smaller “X” marked batch. I know this search is probably futile but would love to hear from someone. Thanks for your time!

(You would also get early access to the ProjectUNI game. :slight_smile: )

I wana play the game first

Then either contribute some high quality artwork (maps, props, etc) to the project or give me a hand finding that airfoil. :roll_eyes:

You can ask on the ProjectUNI forum how you can help, and the more active you are there the more likely you will be testing the game before everyone else, though that isn’t what this thread is about. :slight_smile: