Wanted; coker

ok, so I got into unicycling 6 months or so and learnt on a cheap 20" something or other and I’m now looking too replace my bike for the longer journeys. Having looked around I’m liking the coker big one and if anyone has a one for sale or knows anyone with one for sale. I’m not too bothered about brakes or any upgrades but they are welcome too concideration. Also if anyone has anything else similar maybe 28/9" I will consider.



You didn’t say where you are, but if you’re in the UK I’ve got a 36" wheel I’ll be selling in a couple of weeks (as soon as my new wheel is built). It’s a steel rim and UDC super-wide hub with 152mm cranks. I’m not going to be asking much for it, so if it’ll help you out let me know. You’d still need a frame, tyre (the most expensive bit) and saddle though.


hmmm, not too sure about that, just looking for full build really.
thanks anyways