Wanted: Coker Wheelman

Wanted: 36 in. Coker Wheelman. Modifications not a deal breaker. Either style but prefer the older swoopy back ones. No color preference. Interested in quax equivalent, but would prefer coker. Located in Ohio, USA, but willing to make significant drive, though not likely all the way to California. I have friends in several states willing to pick up for me if needed, so dont rule yourself out. If you only ride your coker wheelman in parades, dont you think you could let it go and upgrade to a 48 or 50 inch? You know you want to. Let me help you get there. :stuck_out_tongue: any leads appreciated.

What about this?


That would be good, but the ad was posted 3 years ago, unfortunately shoppock doesnt show you how old the ad is in the ad itself, but if you search wheelman on the site it shows it in the search results. Unfortuneately i dont think there are any still available on the site at this time.

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