i do not check htis much, email me at mikevoss1990@hotmail.com

again thats mikevoss1990@hotmail.com i dont get on this much i want/need a coker so plz do htis ,jerrick i know u will ocme across thuis eventually dont give me any crap about it lol i just want one

so plz plz plz email with questions comment, and pictures,offers adn al lthat jazzz


if that didnt sum it up, i just want a 36 inch uniccle, possibly a 29 if its in good condistion, i want the one form UDC buti dont wnna pay 400$
(shipping is 60$!! outfreakign ragous!)
but yea any help ro anything anything that may help my search just a LITTLE bit will help tremendously

also becausei dont feel liek fixing the other one i fogot to putt
mikevoss1990@hotmail.com as my email

Dude, a person isn’t going to come up in a day and offer you a coker.
Relax, be patient, wait.
You might want to tell people where you are located and how much you are willing to pay so they don’t waste time emailing you if you aren’t interested in shipping from the U.K or somewhere.

i said USA from what i got from other posts tis what i thought is all i needed to say, its all other pople say so meh

I have a 29er that will be for sale in a few months. nimbus X black frame, big apple tire, GB4 handle on a nimbus gel saddle and DX pedals and 110mm cranks.

sounds bitchin’ how much?

its pending sale to someone as soon as an upgrade happens. I think they’re going to get a coker soon so they may end up selling it anyway. I asked $250 for it. I’ll pass them your email address in case they end up selling it if thats cool with you.

There’s one on ebay


thx buddy, ill lookinto htat un