[WANTED] - Coker or Coker parts

I’m trying to help a friend build up a 36" wheel. I have a few spare parts to get him started but we still need the following:

  • Frame
  • Seat
  • Hub+Spokes+Rim
  • Tire+Tube
Of course, if anyone is interested in selling a coker as a whole, he'd be interested in that as well.

If you have and would be willing to part with any of these…‘parts’, let me know!





Looks like current bid is at $295.
Its a good deal even at $325

He’s already taken a look at that, but is hoping to keep the price tag a bit lower than that…hopefully. I got my radial 360 used for $180 just a year ago.

Thanks anyway though. :slight_smile:

what’s your price range?

I have a Coker frame. It’s the old style Coker frame. I’ll sell it cheap along with a Primo Big One double bolt seatpost clamp.

For a complete coker? Hopefully in the proximity of $200. Obviously that eliminates most upper model rides…but he only wants something that will get him around without breaking.

without braking is kind of a key phrase there

if ChexJC doesn’t buy that frame, i may be interested. (pm sent)

I’ve got a coker rim and spokes, shipping from the UK would probably be high but I can find out if you want.

I have a TA tire if you want it, just send me an offer.

I apologize for taking so long to update everyone…

My friend has made contact with and is making arrangements to buy the Frame from John and the Tire and a Seat from ntappin. I also recieved a PM about spokes which I believe he has pursued as well.

We still need the following parts:

  • Rim
  • Hub
  • Seatpost (22.2mm)



I got a seatpost I could give you, just PM me your adress

Thanks! PMed

I just want to thank everyone again who has helped out so far. I never thought this would be as effective as it has been.