[WANTED] coker or airfoil rim


Does someone has a coker with an airfoil rim to sell ( not from this batch because it only fit a TA tire) . Right now there is only the nimbus that is in stock and I find it really ugly. I may also be interested in getting an airfoil rim + the frame of a coker. Or does somebody know when coker will make a new batch of airfoil rims with the right size?


Julien did you try Bedford? He has Cokers it is quite likely that he also has airfoils, and knowing him he probably has the good one aswell.

yea I ask him like a month ago he told me to wait a few months before coker comes out with stock… and he didnt have any pieces to make one

Coker Co. does not make the Airfoil rim.

sorry I mean Kovachi wheels

I have a used stock Coker frame that I can sell. I’ve been too lazy to list it here. I’ll get around to it one of these days.