Wanted: Coker Hub

Looking for a Coker 2 Hub after mine sheared off the other day. Coker seems to be out of the unicycle business and UDC said they didn’t have a hub that would properly match the Coker. I’m pretty bummed with a perfectly good 36er sitting in my basement and not being able to ride because I can’t find a hub for it! Anyone selling an old Coker for parts??

What are your hubs dimensions? I am sure you can mix and match some stuff from UDC to make something that would fit if you come up empty on the used market.


how about a square taper 100mm schiumpf 2 spd?

I used to have a 48h Square tapered 125mm hub. Which UDC doesn’t have as all their 36ers are on 36h. I remember being a pain because I wanted to switch it to ISIS but my only option was replacing the rim with it, and then finding ISIS bearing in 40mm OD.

What we need is the width between the bearings, measured from the centerline of each bearing. I have a Coker V2 (squid) frame somewhere, but not readily dug up and measured. I guess now it’s going to be harder to sell that…

I’m going to make a guess that Coker was 127mm, only 2mm wider than the Nimbus offerings. The bearings could be spaced out with snap rings if it’s an issue. The next problem is the spoke count. You could build with 24 spokes fairly cemetricaly on a 36 hole hub. Possibly not recommended if you are shearing off spindles though.

Come to think of it I might have a 48 hole superwide Coker hub in storage. I’ll check on Monday if I have time.

My Coker bearing spacing measures close to 125mm center to center. The bearings are 40mm OD and 12mm wide.

I see that 48 hole cotterless hubs are available at UDC UK. However the bearing spacing is 100mm. It would not be hard for handy person to change the bearing spacing on the 100mm hub. Simply cut the hub in the center and weld in spacer. A tube/pipe spacer sleeve could be used to make it easy to get the alignment correct.

I also see 48 hole ISIS hubs with 100mm spacing. Then same thing could be done but the frame bearing holders would have to be machined out from 40mm to 42mm diameter.

Where the is a will there is a way.


You are likely correct about the 127mm bearing spacing. Without tearing the thing apart to get an exact distance, I was measuring a little over 125mm on my Coker. I’d guess that if a 125mm spacing hub could be found, that would be close enough.


I remember Josh from UDC telling me once that Qu-Ax made the Coker hub and rim. It’s possible that Goudurix might have a hub if you call them.

I’ve ridden for about 10 years but I’m not what you call handy --when things break I’ve always had to buy new. Looks like I’ve got a lot to learn in uni construction! Gonna get a hold of Goudurix next week – they have a $50 hub that looks promising–would need some new ISIS cranks but that can be done. If anyone has a used one though I’m not to good to buy something second hand. Appreciate the thoughts and ideas everyone!

Definitely call them, and ask if the have an extra wide square taper 48 hole hub. I have gotten lucky on a couple of occasions finding things that weren’t listed on the site.