{Wanted} Coker handlebars

As title says, Preferably of the Gb4 design.
Other makes/models will do.
Just post pictures and prices.
Thank you


Well the new Nimbus 36’er handle should be available very soon.

I have no idea of the price but it is a great handle for distance from what I know from experience riding the prototype.

Not sure about cost but it should be available individually very soon

For a picture see 36 inch uni's that aren't Cokers?


oooooooooooo, does anyone know if this is going to be in america!!??


who cares, just order it from municycle.com!

shipping is $40+, and who knows how much US customs will tack on for you at the border.

shipping would probably be about $30. also, if you order some other stuff, it could easily be worth it.