Wanted Coker Big Wheel or similar in Oregon

I am looking for a commuter unicycle in Portland. If you have a 36" or bigger, I am interested.


i doubt you would want anything bigger than a 36 for commuting in Portland, and anything thing bigger isnt going to have a pheumatic tyre.

i have a 29" that i may sell if your interested, its my opinion that 29ers are better for the city since that are lighter and more manuverable…i also live in Salem if you ever wanted to try it out.

i will be putting it on eBay soon. i would love to sell it localy or let you ride it at least before that happens,but i feel this is yet another “wanted” thread that will go like this…

[I]if i only checked this (my) thread earlier i would have bought it, or at least tryed it out . you live so close i cant belive i let this go.

if it doesnt sell be sure and contact me so i can (never respond) have another chance.[/I]


Forget your life, got your message. What make cycle do you have with a 29 inch wheel and what kind of shape is it in? do you happen to have any pictures of your ride? Why are you selling your beloved one wheel? Why forget your life?


this thread Wanted: 29" unicycle that will go Muni. USA has some pictures and information on jagur’s 29er.

you might want to ‘forget your life’ if ‘meister’ cannot any longer be wittily applied to the end of your name to create a tasty licorice-flavored alcoholic drink.

looks like a nice uni, though. I’d take it if I could, but I’m nowhere near, and I don’t have the money for another one at the moment.

bout time :wink:

its a Nimbus X frame with a wide KH rim and a NanoRapter tyre mated to a UDC hub with your choice of cranks…170mm or 127mm. or both…its in “awesome shape” no dents or crap like that if thats what you mean

theres one the thread Norml linked to above but it wont have the brake and a few other things when im ready to sell it, but for the most part it will look the same sans brake.

who said it was “beloved” :wink: i sell all my unicycles, ive sold every one ive ever owned…to me its more fun building them that riding them…if Harper was here he would tell you that im “searching for the 1 wheel deal, the 1 that wont,but will” so to speak.

long story, ask Gilby, he knows.

hey, crissy

here it is…{for sale} 29er unicycle

36" in Portland

I think Portland would be great for a 36" !!!

I used to ride my two wheel bike everywhere. There is a great bikeway system all throughout the city, and very few steep hills. Drivers are very bike aware. I love the ride along the river. I want to go back to Portland someday and I will have my 36" with me for sure.

Two wheel bike?
A bit much don’t you think?
You could have just said bike.

Still wishing for a Coker

Hey Forget Your Life,

That is a nice looking ride. I am still fancying a Coker for my commute but your wheel is pretty slick. I saw these guys riding the bridge pedal on Cokers and they looked like just the thing. That extra wheel size is what I would likely need as my commute is quite a ways here in Portland. I need to cover as much ground as possible with every turn of the pedals.


I remember that sigline well.