wanted cheep coker

i want a cheep coker if anyone is selling one, or knows where they can get one for cheeper than $339 including shiping, thanks !

person who finds the cheppest one wins a cookie

what is this great corker i hear of! i know this arm to be a machine put sponge in great bottle of sake?

It’s a Coker, not a corker. It’s a unicycle with a 36 inch wheel, and because the tire is manufactured by the Coker tire company, we call it a Coker, even though most of the other parts besides the tire are made by companies besides Coker.

truth this is! With speedy reflexes, this would be extreme unicycle, yes?

It is the Godzilla of Unicycles Saki Breath:p

Re: wanted cheep coker

I wanna cheap coker too.:wink:

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ya me to

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Me too…


Keep an eye on ebay. Coker tire company occasionally sells them on ebay. I bought mine new from them in Oct '03 for $288.43 including shipping

coker for sale

i have my baby id sell. coker perfect condition. shimano 175 cranks xtr, air seat. ect… 300.00 plus shipping. no pics. looks like evryother coker. in florida. email me for info.


thanks, but my parents say thell buy me it if i get no c’s this time and i think i can do that

well, I think qu-ax is coming out with a 36" non-coker. It’s supposed to be pretty cheap.

Re: coker for sale

what part of florida are you in phil?

to my knowlage the standard coker on unicycle.com is about 330+ship