[Wanted] cheap trials

I’m looking for a trials uni that is cheaper or equal to the nimbus trials on unicycle.com but at least as good.

basically i just need something that wont fall apart on me, nothing fancy just something that works and wont cost me an arm and a leg.

The torker dx (not 06 version) is waaaaaay stronger and about same price, but it doesn’t have a trials tire on it (and one won’t fit on it either). I think you might actually have to spend a bit of money to get a decent trials.

if your gonna get a nimbus trials just make sure that you know that it doesnt have splined or chromo cranks so its only rated to about 2 foot drops and the rim is really bad and will only hold up to 10 inch drops.SerIousLy

didnt you just get the norco muni???it alot more trials than it is muni minus the splined hub…

i did, and i dont know how this post came up, i had one just like it before, with different comments. mayhaps this should be deleted?