[WANTED] cheap (or even donated old) unis for uni club

i am starting a unicycle club at my school for those who want to either learn how to ride, or for those who can but wish to hone their skills more. i know of at least 2 or 3 people who would join, but uh, as the title states, i’m a little short on unicycles for me to be able to “teach” effectively. i only have 2, and one is currently breaking a bit.

i might buy some el-cheapos offa ebay or something, and i was wondering if anyone, anyone at all has an old uni or two to maybe donate. or just ideas as to where and or how to get some.

these would most likely become property of the school/club, and i wouldn’t, repeat: WOULD NOT use them for my own personal gain.

thank you for your time,

i dont have a full uni i could give you but i have a hub for a 24" no spokes a sun frame a 24" tire i could give you

i actually happen to have a 24" mtn. b*ke rim i could use! wow!

what luck! cool! i’ll take them! i mean, if thats ok. any/all possible donations are accepted.
should i exchange shipping info, or do you want to think about that?

[Edit] sorry, but i forgot to mention. PM me the stuff you can donate/sell cheap… and other offers/ideas.

i’m still out looking for donations, any sorts of parts are accepted, be it handles to bearings to a pedal or two. all extra parts you don’t need or want any more, i’ll take them for a reasonable small price or free if you’re a kind soul.

well i have a Muni 2.3 24" tire u can have for free, but i donno if u want it cuz it would prolly be the same for shipping… so if u want it or more info just pm me.

PMed you!:slight_smile:

i know this is a huge bump, but yeah…
this still stands. I need learner’s unicycles. badly. I’ve converted one person, who has managed to get her hands on a unicycle, but the others need something to learn on. I still don’t have any i can lend out as learners really… i have parts here and there, but no full junker unicycles still.

PM me with any offers or donations of miscellaneous parts you might have lying around.
any and all help is appreciated.

can they be cotterpinned cause i would be happy to donate my first uni just it needs some new pedals

Abbible do you have a friend in a bike shop; even if you don’t mabey you can get a bike shop to sponsor your club.
In a bike shop distributor called J&B (most shops should carry this line) they are having a special and selling suns for 35-40 a piece (Bike shop’s cost) If you find a bike shop to sponsor your club you could get them near or at cost.
Hope this helps!

oooh… that’s a good prospect. I have a friend in a bike shop… maybe they will… i’ll ask. thanks ben!