WANTED: Cheap complete beginner's unicycle

Hey all,

I have never ridden a unicycle before but would very much like to learn.
I’m on a budget so it needs to be cheap (hopefully $50 or less) but decent quality (I don’t want it falling apart underneath me, so I came here).

I’m in San Jose, CA, 5’9", 157lbs, ~31" inseam, in good shape (I’m an amateur acrobat) with a good sense of balance. From what I’ve read it sounds like I’m looking for 20" or 24".

Thanks to anyone that can help,


well about 6 months ago I started unicycling, I had no idea what I was doing. I started on a ebay uni, mine was $50 + $30 posting, I still have it now and is really good for learning. I suggest not doing anything extreme on it though…


Thanks for the suggestions. I continue to watch Ebay (and Craigslist for locals where I might avoid shipping charges).

I also realize I may being unrealistic in my price range, but given my height & inseam, am I correct in the type of unicycle I’m going for?

Yes It is best to start out on a 20 or 24. Your price range is probaly only probable if you find one local.

Ok. Heh. Hmm… how low am I? What would be a more reasonable price to expect?

Well, I found a Savage 24" locally about the price I was looking for.
Thanks to everyone who responded. Maybe I’ll post some video when I learn to ride without holding the railing. :slight_smile:

Watch out for savage seats, they aren’t very comfortable.

mine is a 20" Sun, not exactly top of the line but pretty good for beginners since you wont really be putting a lot of pressure on it. only $80 at my LBS.

the only uni i warn against is the torker CX because of it’s seat.
other than that, all of them are alright so long as nothing is bent or broken.
i would say that $80 is a reasonable price cap, it will take some good searching to find one this cheap, but you may have good luck with it.