[WANTED] Cheap Beginner 20-24" uni <$50 Southeastern US

I’m interested in purchasing a cheap 20 - 24" uni. I’ve never tried unicycling before, but I’ve always been interested. I’ve never even touched one before.

So if you’ve got a cheap, or scratched up but mechanically sound, 20" that you learned to ride on and are intrested in getting rid of, let me know. I can’t see myself spending more than $50 shipped. I just don’t really have the dough, but maybe someone would be interested in doing a new guy a favor! :o

I’m located in Florence, SC. Thanks.

I dont know if this is the kind of thing you want but here.

the thread that UniDudeDX posted has great info. i cant help you in the fact o fgetting you one, but i highly reccomend a torker lx if you can find one cheap enough. you should keep an eye on ebay, sometimes there are some that ppl sell cuz the didnt have the dedication to learn(NOOBS:p ) you may find one cheap. but here is a source for a new one. if you shop around but udc rocks! ebay store sometimes have brand new ones for about $60-70 range.

hope this helps

Thanks for the replies!

I read the thread on beginner cycles while I was searching for some threads. You know, doing a little research before I jumped in over my head. I’m currently scouring Ebay for any torker lx’s in my price range. I’m not going to be able to afford a brand new ride+shipping at the moment, and of course I just can’t wait until later.:stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted to put a feeler out here because I know some of these guys have like 8-9 unicycles.

How long are you guys going to hold on to those beat, scratched up, beginner cycles that you hardly ever ride anymore? :wink:

it is good to try and reasearch first, and buy a cheapy first, but remember, if you learn and love it as many of us have become addicted, you will want to upgrade. so if you buy a nicer uni first you want to upgrade as soon, or if you do, you will have something even nicer sooner. save as much as you can and go for something that will last you.

also, i dont know if the other guys agree, but i would find it hard to part w/ my FIRST uni. my others(if i wasnt using them) i may be able to let go, but they are in use so i dont wanna let them go either.

EDIT: i forgat to add that buying a “learner” uni can be nice b/c it can let you find out what type of riding you want to do b4 you invest alot in say, a trails uni, but then decide you want to get into cokering

I agree completely. start with a starter and move up because I started with a learner but soon moved to a muni. THEN i found out muni is not for me so i bought a 300$ uni for somthing i dont even like to do.

Another place to look for a new Unicycle is here at The Unicycle Shop. They are new but do have Torker Unicycles

Howdy neighbor!! I have a 24" and a 29" I am currently riding. If you happen to stop in the area of Charleston, give me a shout and I can bring one or both and we can ride. Depending on how things go, I may decide to get rid of my 24" and just settle for the 29", in which case I can sell you mine for $50. Actually, once i get another seat post and seat, I probably won’t use my 24" for much, if anything. Lemme know if you want it, and I can make a weekend trip up to Florence and give it to ya, saves on shipping.

HEY! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that! I just got done jumping around my office. I’d be glad to come down and pick it up if you’re willing to sell. And I’d love to go riding some if you want. It might be a little more eventful after I’ve had a few weeks to practice, but hey whatever you want to do. I’m in your debt! Just let me know what you want to do and I’ll be all about it! :smiley:

Doesn’t bother me either way. Next weekend I am free, so I can make the trip then, or if you want to see Charleston, come on down. I’m pretty easy as far as details go. It has an Muni tire on it now, but I also have an old worn hookworm I can give ya if that tire gives ya trouble. Overall, its in good shape. Its a Nimbus II before they came with the ISIS crank and hubs, less than a year old. The highest i’ve dropped on it is curb high. I’m sure it has plenty of life left in it. Lemme know when and where you want to do this, and I will be there. Weekends are best for me.