[Wanted] cheap 36" er of any kind

I want a cheap 36"er or maybe even a 29er. if you have anything you want to sell PM me or sumthing.

p.s. try to post pics if you can.

p.p.s. uni-steve5111 also needs one of these unicycles too, so dont be shy on putten up a few uni’s

yah i’ll pay 5 bucks more than musketman will ever pay so pm me!

no ill pay 6$ more than he’ll do… hehehe lol. No uni-steve5111 can have first dibbs because i think iam goingto get a kh 29er anyway, but if there is still a good offer i might bite!

lol thanks yah I wanna a cheap but good cocker

Cocker Spaniel?

c’mon arge aaa buffet looselll